Team Members

We are proud to have these four amazing people on our team!

Hendra comes from the village of Tanjung Naman, one of the small four villages located around the buffer zone we work in. Hendra has a wife and 2 children. Hendra has been on the team for nearly 2 years now.

Mariadi comes from the village of Batu Katak where Stay Wild orginated. He has a wife and 3 children to provide for, like many other people here he relied on animal hunting to sustain them but now he wants to protect the jungle instead!

Erwin also comes from Batu Katak where he lives with his wife and one child. Erwin is also a former animal hunter but now he uses his skills to help us find and remove snares. Erwin is keen to learn more about protecting the jungle by being part of Stay Wild. 

Eta comes from the village of Sei Musam

Eta started working with us around 1 year ago, she began teaching English to children from  3 forest edge villages. Now she is in integral part of all our activities including anti poaching patrols. Eta wants to be an example or young girls that not only men can go to the jungle!

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